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Get Acrobat The Isotech Journal of Thermometry was edited by Henry Sostmann who passed away on the 5th May 1999. A series of articles that Henry wrote entitled Fundamentals of Thermometry are presented here in his memory. The articles start in 1989, and have not been updated - whilst much has changed since then it is hoped the interested reader will find the technical content of use.

These facsimiles of the original articles are in PDF format which may be read with Adobe Acrobat

Fundamentals of Thermometry

PDF Part One: Temperature Scales (659K)
Contents: Absolute or Thermodynamic Scale, The ITS-90, The 1990 value of the Ohm

PDFPart Two: Fixed Points of the ITS-90 (1150K)
Freezing Points of High Purity Metals, Confidence in Freezing Points, Freezing Point of Aluminium, Freezing Point of Silver, Freezing Point of Indium, Freezing Point of Tin, Freezing Point of Zinc, Melting Point of Gallium, Triple Point of Mercury, Uncertainties in Use, Triple Point of Argon, Triple Point of Water

PDFPart Three: The SPRT (884K)
Contents: SPRT, Useful Range, Construction, Capsule, HTSPRT, Using SPRTs, Self Heating, Interpolation

PDFPart Four: Measuring the SPRT resistance (993K)
Contents: Fixed Resistors, Resistors with AC, AC: Effects on SPRTs, DC Bridges, Digital Ohm Meters, AC Bridge

PDFPart Five: Industrial PRT and Errors (940K)
Contents: Industrial Grade Thermometers, Confusion of Standards, Construction of Elements, Housing the Sensor, Calibrating the IPRT, Common Errors

PDFPart Six: Thermistors (1295K)
Contents: Commercial Thermometers, Electrical Properties, Calibration

PDFPart Seven: Metal Melting and Freezing Equilibria Phase, Phase Diagrams, Cryoscopic Constant (799K)
Contents: Phase Equilibria, Phase Diagrams, The First Cryoscopic Constant, The Last Word in Assurance

PDFPart Eight: Radiation Thermometry and Calibration (555K)

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