Temperature Training Courses and Symposiums

Regular Courses

In alphabetical order by organiser

Isothermal Technology: Training Courses at N.T.P.L.

Two five day residential courses
  1. Temperature Sensors and their Calibration
  2. Specialist ITS-90 Metrology Course

German Temperature Course

KK: Theorie und Praxis der Kalibrierung von Berührungsthermometern

Qualitäts-Sicherung (DIN EN ISO 9000) und Temperaturmeßtechnik


NPL: Temperature Measurement and Calibration

Includes Temperature Scales and Standards, Resistance Thermometry, Radiation Thermometry, Thermocouples, Liquid-in-Glass thermometry, calibration techniques, uncertainties and traceabiliy + accreditation.

NPL National Physical Laboratory, Teddignton. Tel +44(0)181 943 6880 (HelpLine) Fax +44(0)181 943 6458

Email: Web:

Sira: Temperature Calibration

Includes Laboratory Calibration, Field Calibration, Techniques and Measurement Uncertainty

Other courses include Calibration Principles, Errors of Observation and Measurement Uncertainty, Training for UKAS Accreditation.

Sira Test and Certification Ltd. Tel +44 (0)181 467 2636 Fax +44 (0)181 295 3005

Email: Web:


NCSL Annual U.S. Event

National Conference of Standards Laboratories

More at NCSL Website

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